Weight loss - achieve your dieting dreams

Weight loss - achieve your dieting dreams

Weight loss. Since time began (well perhaps a few years after!), the subject of weight loss has been a hot potato with a variety of methods moving in and out of fashion – both aiding weight loss or, indeed, feigning weight loss!  The tightly corseted waists of yesteryear was perhaps one of the more ‘restricting’ weight loss methods – offering the benefits of a teeny weeny waist, but with the less appealing side effects of being unable to sit, eat or (in dire circumstances) breathe! 

Although the corset has had its time, there are many other restrictive, unappealing and, frankly, frightening  weight loss methods available today:

  • Weight loss programmes based on blood type – described by the Nutrition Bulletin:

    Diets based on the idea that a person’s physiological characteristics, such as eye colour, hair type or blood group, can dictate which foods are likely to cause weight gain have no scientific basis.

  • Tablets promising quick and easy weight loss without any lifestyle changes – expensive, short-term and misleading
  • Exercise videos starring reality TV stars who say their weight loss was all down to squats and crunches – but don’t let you know about the dietary changes they made too!
  • Meal replacements that have all the flavour of a cup of mud and make long-term weight loss and maintenance of that loss as realistic as bumping into George Clooney in Tesco’s and eloping together!

And when you think of the reasons we embark on weight loss programmes……shouldn’t we ditch this 'dieting help', give ourselves a break and enjoy it?

At Slimming World we believe that weight loss should be enjoyable, delicious, family-friendly and long-term… and our generous eating plan, Food Optimising, and unique group support, Image Therapy, have been developed to make weight loss easier than you ever thought possible.  And because we understand that weight loss shouldn’t be a hobby but a once in a lifetime thing, members who achieve their weight loss dreams and reach their self-set target, can continue attending their group free of charge… and they do!

Whether you’re looking to achieve a 10st weight loss or a 2 stone weight loss, one of our warm and friendly Consultants is waiting to welcome you to one of our local groups and support you in losing weight. And never forget our promise of confidentiality – we’ll never disclose your actual weight, only your weight loss. 

You’ll find a group full of people like you – all enjoying each other’s support in their weight loss journey – and they’ll help you throughout yours too.  No fads, no fashions – you’ll discover a weight loss plan, including healthy eating and a lifestyle activity programme, that’s been tried and tested over 40 years, fits perfectly with family and social life and that will show you how to make positive practical changes to the way you shop, cook and eat to ensure you reach your weight loss target and stay there for life.

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You'll find more delicious recipe and menu ideas at your local group, along with all the help you need to get started and reach your target weight.

What you get with group membership

  • A friendly, understanding Consultant – who’s been a member themselves
  • Image Therapy – the heart of a Slimming World group – giving you unique help, support and encouragement when you need it most
  • Loads of praise and celebrations for each weight loss milestone you achieve
  • Warmth, friendship, laughter, sharing ideas, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more
  • Free access to dozens of online features and tools to support you between groups
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What you get with online-only membership

  • Weekly online support and motivating e-mails based on your personal progress
  • Access to motivational support tools, insightful features and special strategies to help you in the weeks ahead
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I’m loving the good life
I’m loving the good life

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