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January’s the perfect time to shake up your routine and try something new – and we’ve hit the nail on the head with our latest additions to the fast, filling and Free Slimming World food range, available exclusively at Iceland and The Food Warehouse. If you love what you taste (which we’re sure you will!), we’ve printed the recipe on the back of each pack – so you can rustle up your favourites at home for the whole family when you’ve got more time on your hands.

Here’s what our head of food and publications, Allison Brentnall, had to say about our newest delicious dishes…

“Our new collection for January 2023 has something for everyone, with convenient, quick-cook lunches and dinners that’ll help you slim through even the busiest times. I don’t normally play favourites with our food range, but I have to say, I’ve got a soft spot for our first-ever vegan sausages. They’re big, they’re succulent and they’re versatile – whether you chop them into pasta or include them with your cooked breakfast, they’re a tasty and satisfying addition to any meal.”  

Free Fast Feasts recipe book Find out more

Let’s do lunch! 

If you’ve got a microwave, you’ve got a hot lunch –these lifesaving lunches are all 2 for £6/€7 – in Iceland stores and online…

Cajun king prawn pasta 

Slimming World food range cajun king prawn pasta

This one’s got a real kick – the ultimate lunchtime pick-me-up, starring juicy king prawns with pasta, green beans, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn in a spicy Cajun sauce.  


Fish out our cajun prawn pasta recipe here

Yakitori chicken and rice 

Slimming World food range yakitori chicken rice

Our first-ever Japanese-inspired dish, featuring seared chicken and jasmine rice with baby corn and mixed veg in a sweet, fragrant sauce. 


Start your yakitori story: Find our Yakitori chicken and rice recipe here 

Quorn biriyani  

Slimming World food range quorn biryani

A vegetarian spectacular with black and white rice, chunks of Quorn™, carrot, red pepper and green beans in a mild biriyani sauce.  

£3.75/€4.75 🌶 

Rice up your life with our Quorn biriyani recipe here 

Mighty meals 

Thai-style noodles 

Slimming World food range thai style noodles

An exotic noodle bowl of chicken, minced beef, carrots, peppers and spring onions in a fragrant, Thai-inspired sauce. 


Check out this tan-thai-lising noodle dish recipe here 

Veggie bangers   

Slimming World food range veggie bangers

Our very first vegan sausage is a tasty combination of mushroom, spinach, red onion and sage – perfect served with a generous splash of our newly vegan onion gravy (see below!) 


Be a clever sausage: Switch to veggie bangers in these tasty recipes 

Souper and saucy stars 

Pearl barley and root veg soup 

Slimming World food range pearl barley soup

True soul food! This hearty, vegan soup is made with pearl barley, parsnip, carrot and potato – filling, nutritious and delicious. 

£2.25/€3.25  VEGAN 

Hearty bowl: Give this comforting soup a go here

Spanish-style chicken soup 

Slimming World food range spanish chicken soup

Be transported to warmer climes with every spoonful of this smoky, tomatoey soup, with pulled chicken, red pepper and creamy butterbeans. 


Sass up your soup: Find our Spanish-style chicken soup recipe here 

Onion gravy 

Slimming World food range onion gravy

New year, new recipe! The perfect finishing touch to a comfort food feast – and it’s now vegan! £2/€3  VEGAN 

Gravy to rave about: find our vegan onion gravy recipe here 

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