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Filling, delicious and all-round fantastic, Slimming World Free Food is the stroke of genius at the heart of our flexible Food Optimising plan. You can eat Free Food to satisfy your appetite (with no weighing, measuring or counting), for a no-hunger way to get the weight loss you want.  

We think that’s well worth celebrating, so from 4th February 2024*, we’ll be holding our inspiration-packed Free Food Festival in Slimming World groups and on our digital-service, Slimming World Online. With recipe sharing, cook-off competitions and prizes galore, it’s a great time to get a taste of what Slimming World is all about! 

Free Food Festival will take place in participating Slimming World groups on selected dates between 4th-18th February 2024. Your Consultant will be able to confirm the exact dates – you’ll find their contact details here, or you can just pop along to your local group.  

We’ll also be celebrating Free Food Festival on Slimming World Online from 4th February 2024. You can discover more about our digital-only service here.

Slimming World members can get all the Free Food Festival details here 

Tell me more about Slimming World Free Food   

Spaghetti bolognese

Free Foods are those foods that are lower in calories for their weight (low energy dense foods) – they help fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied for longer.  

There are hundreds of tasty, everyday Free Foods, and new members are often flabbergasted when they find out what’s on the list. As well as the usual suspects like fruit, vegetables, beans and pulses (including baked beans and potatoes – yes, really!), you’ll notice that lean meat, meat replacements – such as tofu and some Quorn products, poultry, eggs and fish are also on the menu – so that’s your cooked breakfasts and Sunday dinners sorted. New members are even more surprised by the fact that pasta and rice are completely Free – so you can enjoy a plate of spag bol or a chicken tikka fakeaway whenever you like! 

Free Food means never feeling hungry, guilty or deprived, so you’re less likely to want to rebel and reach for the high-fat, high-sugar foods that can so easily send your weight loss off track. 

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