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If you’ve joined the air fryer club and are looking for healthy air fryer recipes to help you lose weight, look no further! These Slimming World air fryer recipes will get you off to a great start – with lots more ideas in Slimming World groups and on the member websites.

Is an air fryer good for losing weight?

Using less oil when you cook is a great way to cut the amount of fat in your food. Air fryer recipes still give you the irresistibly crispy texture you get from traditional deep frying – without using lots of oil.

Slimming World air fryer recipes

Top tip: Just like ovens, air fryer models vary widely, and getting to know yours better will help you adjust temperatures and timings, until you’re cooking up the perfect Slimming World chips or beautifully crisp bacon every time.

Chick ’n’ chorizo toastie 

Chicken and chorizo toastie

Stuffed with Spanish flavours, sandwiches will never be the same again. 

More for members: Our air fryer onion bhajis are the perfect lightly-spiced side 

Hash browns 

Hash browns

Crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and, best of all, Free on the Food Optimising plan!  

More for members: Add an air-fried twist to tasty chicken tikka  

Chinese dragon aubergines 

Chinese dragon aubergines

Fresh chilli breathes fiery life into tofu and aubergines. 

More for members: Forget boring burgers… these Persian-spiced patties are in a league of their own 

Smoky chicken nuggets 

Air fryer chicken nuggets

Air-frying nuggets helps you get that gorgeous golden colour and crunch, without the need for deep-frying.

More for members: This cheesy cauliflower popcorn will make you pop-ular come lunchtime 

Slimming World chips 

air fryer chips

Fire up the air fryer to make this Food Optimising favourite – fast!

All-day cooked breakfast 

air fryer cooked breakfast

Eggs, ‘sauteed’ mushrooms and even toast taste fantastic made in the air fryer. And best of all, our ‘air fry-up’ makes light work of the washing-up!

More for members: Try this salmon teriyaki with garlicky broccoli  

Confetti baked oats

confetti baked oats - air fryer

Sprinkle a little magic over breakfast time! Feel free to swap the fat-free, no-added-sugar yogurt for your favourite flavour.

More for members: These Chinese porkballs make a mean Friday fakeaway 

Lentil and rocket falafels 

air fryer falafels

Punchy ingredients turbo-boost the flavour of these air-fried falafels. Stir up the herby yogurt dip too, you won’t regret it…

More for members: Air frying makes this tofu chow mein deliciously crispy 

Roast chicken dinner 

air fryer chicken dinner

This ‘winner, winner’ of a dinner, complete with crispy spuds, will be ready in no time.

More for members: This air fryer pizza makes a scrumptious speedy lunch

Berry pop tart 

Slimming World pop tart

Relive your childhood with this fruity Food Optimising take on a Pop Tart. The contents will still be scorching hot, so let it cool a little before you get stuck in.

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With more than 70 delicious, slimming-friendly dishes you can make in your air fryer, slow cooker or microwave, Slimming World’s Air Fryers and Friends will save you time in the kitchen and money on your energy bills.  

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