July’s seasonal foods

July’s in-season foods are the epitome of summer on a plate. From flavoursome veggies to prime catches, here’s how to use them to create fresh and delicious meals.

Beetroot: Do you love a fancy salad? This one is made from sliced beetroot and a delicious honey-mustard dressing.

Cherries: Our decadent ice cream marries plump black cherries with Kirsch – a dessert strictly for the grown-ups!

Courgettes: Brimming with nutrients, this filling risotto recipe is an Italian classic and can be served hot or cold.

Green beans: Often overlooked, green beans go brilliantly with loads of dishes. This tangy side teams them with sweet cherry tomatoes.

Peaches: Nothing spells summer like biting into a juicy peach (over the sink, of course!). They’re the star of our refreshing lollies.

Sea bass: Cooking this deep-sea delight with bacon and tomatoes makes for a winner sea bass dinner.  

We've got tons more tasty seasonal recipes at Slimming World – just take a look through our recipe section.


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