What our eating pattern tell us

A recent news story looked at what we like to eat for certain meals of the day, and what drives us to make those decisions. The research, conducted by Kansas State University, concluded that we typically eat breakfast out of hunger and lunch out of convenience, while dinner is mainly about pleasure.

The study showed breakfast choices – often cereal, eggs, dairy or coffee – are all about the need for food and the desire to make healthy choices.

At lunchtime, people are more likely to choose convenient pre-made foods, based on habit and cost. Dinner, on the other hand, is mainly about socialising and variety of food, with people widening their options, from grains and pasta to seafood and poultry.

The great news is that Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan is hunger-busting, convenient and pleasurable, whatever the time of day!

There's so much Free Food to choose from, including potatoes, rice, lean meat, fish, vegetables, rice and pulses.

You can enjoy a quick, filling breakfast during the week (such as overnight oats, which can be handily prepped the night before – winner!), or a more relaxed brunch at the weekend.

For 9-5 workers with limited time, a convenient packed lunch can be the best option – or for shift workers or those who work from home, a bigger or more filling lunch might be just the ticket.

And, while we’d argue that all of our Food Optimising meals are distinctly pleasurable, there’s no denying that enjoying a delicious family meal together in the evening is one of life’s great pleasures!

On some days, though, this might happen at lunchtime (like a yummy Sunday lunch) – or maybe it’s your leisurely weekend grill-up that has fast become the highlight of your week. At Slimming World it doesn’t matter what time you eat your meals, or indeed what drives you to eat them – you can use Food Optimising to lose weight beautifully, regardless!

If you’d love to try out Food Optimising, visit our 7-day menu and fill up on all your favourite foods!

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