Festival season is here

Whether you’re dancing till dawn at Leeds/Reading or getting your groove on at Bestival, the summer festival season is finally here. And whichever festival you’re visiting, you’ll be guaranteed to find plenty of healthy food options.

  • jacket potatoes: enjoy your spud without butter and load it with toppings like beans, tuna and salad
  • barbecues: enjoy lean cuts of beef, lamb and pork, and skinless chicken
  • pasta stalls: tomato-based sauces such as arrabiata are much healthier than their creamy counterparts (think carbonara and alfredo) and they’re more likely to be packed with vegetables
  • Mexican: veggie chilli with rice is a great alternative to nachos laden with soured cream and guacamole
  • fruit: choose watermelon slices, oranges, fruit salads

“I've been to a festival already this year and enjoyed a chicken tikka rice salad before watching the headline act. I snacked on fruit and cereal bars, too. I'm already looking forward to the next one.”

Sandra Pitt lost 2st 3lbs with Slimming World

So find your nearest group today and discover more ‘fun at the festival’ food ideas and stacks of summertime support every single week. You’ll feel inspired, committed and, above all, in control through summer – and beyond!

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