Celebrate British Sandwich Week with a super sarnie

Whether you’re a cheese and onion fan or more of an egg and cress devotee, a good sandwich always goes down a treat. 

The great thing about Food Optimising is that bread isn’t a ‘banned’ food (as it is with many other eating plans).

In fact, wholemeal bread is a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice with Slimming World, helping to ensure you get your essential fibre every day. 

As for fillings – how about these tasty Free or low-Syn ideas? 

  • Prawn mayo – juicy prawns with 1 level tbsp extra-light mayo (1 Syn) and a splash of Tabasco to spice it up a little.
  • BLT – crispy grilled lean bacon, fresh lettuce and sweet sliced tomatoes; a sandwich fit for a king! 
  • Egg – sliced boiled egg with cress is an all-time classic. 
  • Steak – grilled lean steak, onions cooked in low-calorie cooking spray, rocket leaves and 1 level tbsp extra-light mayo (1 Syn).
  • Ham and mustard – slices of lean cooked ham with 1 level tsp English mustard (½ Syn) for a tangy kick.

For lots more lunch ideas, visit our recipe section and find your nearest group to enjoy this tasty way to lose weight!

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