I dropped 5 dress sizes!

I dropped 5 dress sizes!

41-year-old Nicki Forster from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire celebrated her 40th in a size 20 – now she’s 8st* slimmer and the fittest she’s ever been.

"My birthday in December 2013 proved a real turning point – and not just because I was reaching the big 4-0. Shopping for a party outfit was a nightmare and I was horrified to find the size-20 dresses I tried on were all too tight. Family had come from all over the UK and abroad to celebrate and I just felt like hiding away, too ashamed of my size to relax and enjoy myself.

"A few weeks later, I visited a friend who’d recently joined Slimming World. Looking through her books, I was totally blown away by all the lovely food she’d been eating and decided I’d give it a go, too. Little did I know it would turn out to be my best decision ever.

I’ve had so much support from my group. The encouragement from other members keeps me focused and gives me the tools I need to stay on track – I never miss an IMAGE Therapy session.

We have a brilliant Facebook page where everyone shares their tips and recipes, and I love the Slimming World website, magazine, mobile app and cookbooks; I use them all. Food Optimising has helped me teach my children about healthy eating, too – we sit around the dinner table counting up which of us has eaten the most fruit and veg that day!

"I reached my target weight of 11st in November last year, then decided I could still lose a bit more and lowered it by half a stone. I can honestly say I’ve never been this happy. I’m more confident and energetic, and these days I don’t think twice about saying yes to new challenges, such as a 54-mile charity bike ride! I swim, hula-hoop, do a weekly exercise class, and love spending more time with my family on long walks and cycle rides. The kids have always been very active – now Mum is, too."

My get-slim secrets

Nicki lets us in on the highs and lows of her weight-loss journey, and the tips and treats that spurred her to success

  • Nothing is banned when you’re Food Optimising... not even delicious chocs like Ferrero Rocher. They may be 3½ Syns each, but they’re so worth it!
  • My family loves my spicy Free wedges with dinner. I use low-calorie cooking spray and scatter them with pepper or paprika.
  • When I’m not the designated driver, I like to sip on a 125ml glass of dry white wine for 4 Syns. Cheers!
  • Each time I reached my next milestone, I’d celebrate by buying myself a treat, like a new top, some gorgeous bubble bath or a pretty nail polish.
  • By Christmas 2013 I was a size 20-22. I hadn’t worn my old size-12 clothes for more than six years and almost threw them out... I’m so glad I kept them, though, because here I am in September 2014, only nine months later. I was on a Butlins weekend with my friends. I’d already lost 6st 7½lbs, was well on my way to target and felt super-confident in my purple rock ’n’ roll outfit.
  • Matt and the children were behind me all the way. The moment I got in from group they’d ask how I’d done. I love being able to join in activities with them now. Last year, I even tried water zorbing with my daughter Beth and we laughed the whole time!
  • I go to a fitness class, follow exercise DVDs and I’ve even bought a weighted hula hoop as a fun way to tone my tum at home. I can’t get enough of Body Magic – it makes me feel amazing!

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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