The new me is here to stay

The new me is here to stay

Once, 35-year-old Sarah Kinally from Stourbridge, West Midlands, believed she had no option but drastic surgery. Now almost 9st slimmer, she’s found the secret to a healthy and happy future.

“I tried to stop my hands from shaking as I began to type three little words that seemed to spell out my last resort: weight-loss surgery. My eyes filled with tears as I read about the terrifying health risks: bleeding, blockages, blood clots and heart attacks, to name a few.

“Without doubt, I’d reached my lowest ebb; I was 31 and had been struggling with my weight for as long as I could remember. I was a size 28 and I felt like I’d tried everything; low-carb diets, drink shakes, calorie counting and even a vile cabbage soup diet. Needless to say, I’d soon get bored and go back to eating the way I did before and regaining the weight I’d lost, plus a bit more!

“My Mum and sister, Jennie, announced they were going to Slimming World but I didn’t feel ready to take the plunge. I agreed to eat the same meals as they did at home and lost 3st!

Taking the next step

“I still felt too self-conscious to walk into group on my own. Knowing my Mum and Jennie had enjoyed Food Optimising, I asked if they’d come with me. They agreed and we all headed in together. Horrified by my 19st 9½lbs weight, my Consultant, Paula, reassured me that I’d never have to see my starting weight again – and she was right. After a week, I’d lost 4lbs and was surprised how easy it was to follow the Food Optimising plan.

My daytime meals were simple, enjoying a huge bowl of fruit and yogurt for breakfast and a jacket potato with beans and salad for lunch. I swapped my oil-laden curries for low-Syn sticky five-spice gammon or pork meatballs and snacked on fruit in between.

“The thing that made the real difference this time was going to group each week. Not only was the moral support invaluable but it meant I could really get to grips with the plan and how Healthy Extras and Syns worked. I picked up loads of tips from Paula and the other members, and I loved taking part in IMAGE Therapy.

Getting to target

“I got to my target of 10st 12lbs with a total loss of 8st 11½lbs and was over the moon! I decided to train as a Slimming World Consultant to promote just how amazing the Food Optimising plan was and now, I get a real buzz from helping other people change their lives.

“Because I’m so much happier in my skin, I’m more fun to be around. I happily pose for pictures and I’m delighted to show off my new figure in flowery, figure-hugging dresses. I never want to go back to the old me who considered weight-loss surgery. I love the new me too much!”


*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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