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At Slimming World we’re passionate about helping our members achieve their weight loss dreams. Every week, in our warm and friendly groups across the UK, thousands of members lose weight beautifully, without ever going hungry. With our famous Food Optimising* plan, you can eat and enjoy a huge choice of satisfying, healthy everyday food – in unlimited amounts. We call it Free Food – including lean meat, fish, poultry, pasta, rice and fruit and veg with no weighing, no measuring and no counting!

Iceland food rangeWe’ve created a delicious range of frozen meals, soups and sauces, only available in Iceland stores, for ease and convenience when you’re short on time. Every one of them is fully Food Optimised and Syn free on Extra Easy. And to help on those occasions when you do have more time on your hands, you’ll find the recipe and cooking instructions for every meal on the packaging, so you can cook it from scratch at home. 

Meals Allergens present Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegans Suitable for SP days Gluten free Dairy free Egg free
Mediterranean Chicken Risotto milk        
Korean-style Beef Noodles soya, wheat (gluten), barley (gluten)        
Fish Pie fish, milk, crustaceans, celery, mustard        
King Prawn Laksa wheat (gluten), egg, crustation, milk, soya, fish            
Char Sui Pork Noodles wheat (gluten), egg, barley (gluten), soya          
Sweet Potato Curry milk      
Beef & Three-bean Chilli Con Carne barley (gluten)      
Beef Chana Saag milk        
Sweet & Sour Chicken wheat (gluten), soya      
Chicken Chow Mein wheat (gluten), soya        
Chinese Banquet Rice barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), egg, soya          
Beef Lasagne barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), celery, egg, celery, milk, mustard            
Vegetable Lasagne barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), celery, egg, celery, milk, mustard, soya          
Vegetable & Bean Hash barley (gluten), celery    
Vegetable Dhal milk      
Mexican Chicken none      
Ham & Mushroom Farfalle wheat (gluten), milk, mustard          
Chicken in Black Bean Sauce barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), soya      
Aromatic Chicken Noodles wheat (gluten), soya        
Vegetable Biryani milk      
Beef in Red Onion Gravy with a Veg Crush barley (gluten)      
Chicken Tikka Masala milk        
Meatballs & Pasta with a Spicy Tomato Sauce barley (gluten), wheat (gluten)        
Chicken Saag mustard, milk        
Cottage Pie celery      
Chicken & Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta milk, wheat (gluten)          
Chicken & Spicy Sausage Paella none      
Smoky Barbecue Chicken soya, wheat (gluten)      
Meats Allergens present Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegans Suitable for SP days Gluten free Dairy free Egg free
Hot Dog Sausages mustard    
Smoky Bean Quarter Pounders wheat (gluten), celery, nuts, peanuts    
Pork Skewers metabisulphite, wheat (gluten)        
Mexican Quarter Pounders wheat (gluten)        
Italian-style Sausages none    
Vegetable Quarter Pounders egg      
Pork Sausages (in bags) none    
Beef Quarter Pounders mustard, barley (gluten)      
Beef & Pork Meatballs (in bags) none    
Soups Allergens present Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegans Suitable for SP days Gluten free Dairy free Egg free
Tuscan Bean Soup celery
Pea & Mint Soup none  
Sauces Allergens present Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegans Suitable for SP days Gluten free Dairy free Egg free
Spring Onion, Ginger & Garlic Sauce metabisulphite, soya, barley (gluten), wheat (gluten)    
Creamy Tomato Sauce milk      
Onion Gravy barley (gluten), wheat (gluten)      
Spicy Tikka Masala Sauce Milk      
Chip Shop Curry Sauce milk, soya, wheat (gluten)        

All our meals are made in kitchens which handle numerous ingredients – so none of our meals can be guaranteed completely allergen-free. For instance, we can’t state ‘gluten-free’ on the packs, although there is no gluten in eight of our products, they are manufactured in an environment that handles gluten containing ingredients. 

View the full Slimming World Iceland Range here: Iceland Range


Your questions… answered!

Q: Can I eat the meals without extra speed veg?

A: Adding fresh veg is a key part of any Food Optimising meal and our ready meals are no exception – just serve with at least one third of a plate of Speed Free Food. In fact, some of the meals are best shared between two people, with lots of Speed Free Food veggies served on the side. And when times are less hectic and you do have time to spend in the kitchen, we’ve printed the recipe on the meal sleeve, so you can enjoy recreating your favourites from scratch.

Q: Are any of the meals suitable for vegetarians/gluten-free/dairy-free/egg-free?

A: All our meals are made in kitchens which handle numerous ingredients – so none of our meals can be guaranteed completely allergen-free. For instance, we can’t state ‘gluten-free’ on the packs, although there is no gluten in eight of our products, they are manufactured in an environment that handles gluten containing ingredients. This  table gives a quick guide to how the ingredients in our meals fit with the most common food preferences and allergies. Specific allergy advice is also listed on the packaging for each meal, with allergens highlighted in bold.

Q: Why is no serving size given on the packaging?

A: Because the meals in our range are Free Food at Slimming World, you can eat as much or as little as you choose – if you’re feeling hungry you can enjoy a whole meal, or you can choose to share it. When you’re Food Optimising, we always recommend that you include a third of a plate of Speed Free Food vegetables

Q: Why are there ingredients listed on the packaging that aren’t Syn-free, eg sugar or starch?

A: Because of packaging legislation, when we use a Free flavouring ingredient such as soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce, we have to list all the ingredients within the flavouring – and these may include sugar. In some dishes, we’ve used tiny amounts of starch in a sauce to ensure it retains its quality throughout the manufacturing process – but because the amount is so negligible, it wouldn’t even register as ½ Syn for the whole meal.

Q: Why don’t you use British meat and poultry?

A: For our meals we spent well over a year trying many, many different cuts and supplies of meats which included British meats and poultry. The meat purchasing was based on a number of factors, cost was of course one of them, but it was just as important to choose a supplier who could guarantee a constant high quality with the essential less than 5% fat criteria that would allow it to be a free food and still be able to cope with our large volumes. Our sausages, meatballs and burgers are made from very lean pork and beef sourced from quality suppliers from Britain, Ireland and Europe - our chicken comes from Thailand.

The supplier for the chicken was chosen due to the high quality eat of the chicken they produced and having the flexibility to develop Syn Free marinades. Our chicken is from an approved supplier and is one of the leading chicken suppliers in the world and Iceland (as well as numerous other British retailers) have audited their sites to ensure they reach the strictest standards the UK market and consumers demand.  

Q: Do the curry and chilli meals come with rice? 

A: No. To give members the maximum choice power, we’ve packed our curry meals full of tasty meat/veg and sauce, giving you the option to serve with simple-to-cook rice or Speed Free Food vegetables if you choose.

Q: What happens if I have a complaint about one of the meals?

A: If you’re unhappy with a meal for any reason (though we’re hoping this will be a rarity), you will find contact details for Iceland’s customer care team on the back of the packaging. As manufacturers and retailers of these products, it’s important that Iceland deals directly with any quality issues that arise, so they can address them urgently.

Q: Are the meals suitable for people with diabetes?

A: Our meals have been developed to fit in with a healthy and balanced diet – and in general, people with diabetes are recommended to follow the same healthy eating guidelines as the general population. However, we’d always recommend that individuals check their personal dietary and medical requirements with their diabetes care team.

Q: I thought SW was about encouraging people to cook from scratch – why do you have a range of ready meals?

A: Our food range isn’t designed to replace home-cooked meals. Rather, our meals are an extra layer of support for you when you're rushed off your feet and need a fast, convenient option. The proof is on the packaging – where we’ve printed the full recipe for each dish, so you can recreate it at home when you have more time. 

Q: Can I buy Slimming World meals online?

A: Yes, and delivery is free with a minimum spend of £35. Iceland Bonus card holders can also handpick their shopping in-store as normal and have it dropped off at their address, with a minimum spend of £25. (Subject to availability and terms and conditions – please ask at your local store for details.) Please note that no vouchers can be redeemed online.

Q: Are the meals suitable to be defrosted? 

A: No - the meals are designed to be cooked from frozen. 

Q: Have you got any plans to bring out a Slimming World dessert range?

A: Not any time soon. We’ve been blown away with the success of the launch and we’re always exploring new avenues for development. For the time being, we’re focusing on Slimming World meals and currently have no plans to introduce a dessert range.   



If you’re a member of the national, regional or local press and would like more information, high-res images or to request samples of the food range, please call Megan Featherstone on 01773 546039 or email megan.featherstone@slimming-world.co.uk or public.relations@slimming-world.co.uk

Please note: We cannot offer samples to members of the public.

* Food Optimising is Slimming World’s healthy eating plan. It empowers members to make healthier food choices, satisfy their appetites and lose weight – without calorie counting or obsessive weighing and measuring. The concept of Free Foods promotes consumption of plenty of low energy dense and satisfying foods, eg poultry, fish, lean meat, pasta, grains, vegetables and fruit, which can be eaten without restriction.

Members are encouraged to use these foods to satisfy their appetite while reducing overall energy intake. With Free Foods members don’t have to monitor every mouthful – so compliance with the eating plan is easy to establish and sustain. 


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