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Yes you can eat healthily for less with Slimming World! We’re determined that your budget shouldn’t be a barrier to eating well and getting the weight loss you want.  

There’s a real focus on low-cost living in our groups and in our Slimming World Online Community, with members sharing cost-cutting cooking hacks and their best bargain buys. Our members have access to lots of help on our app and website, too, including low-cost recipes and cash-saving advice.   

In our survey of 2,000 Slimming World members, 83% agreed that it’s possible to lose weight on a budget*. 

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Cooking on a budget – recipes and tips 

Money-saving meals 

Looking for maximum taste and minimum spend? These recipes will help you tighten your belt in more ways than one.

Worktop wonders 

Save time and energy costs with these slimming-friendly recipes for your air fryer, slow cooker or microwave. 

Chicken curry noodles

10 air fryer recipes

Are you an air fryer convert? These recipes will get you off to a frying start!

Cost-cutting tips from Slimming World members 

From air frying to cut-price food apps, our slimmers have found creative ways to slash their food bills. 

Zappy meals 

From a cooked breakfast to a pud in a mug, we’ve got seven money-saving microwave recipes to ping your way. 

Make the most of store-cupboard staples 

Have a look in your cupboards and freezer – whatever you’ve got, we can help you make a meal of it! 

Find out how you can get 10% off your food shop at Iceland

How to cook almost anything in an air fryer 

From chicken nuggets to boiled eggs, you can cook many of your Food Optimising favourites in this nifty gadget – saving time, energy and money. 

“Yellow stickers saved me £££s while slimming” 

Dean Simpson-Humphreys shares how his supportive group and some savvy shopping habits helped him through a difficult time in his life…  

4 ways to love your leftovers 

Whether it’s meat from your Sunday roast or a stash of spare veggies, your leftovers won’t go to waste with these tasty ideas. 

Slow-cooker recipes 

From satisfying stews to delicious soups, here’s how to slow-cook your way through snuggly season! 

Slimming World recipes for students 

Delicious dishes and seven sure-fire strategies to make slimming while studying easy and affordable. 

Slimming World budget recipes 

When you join Slimming World you unlock a huge recipe collection, making it easy to find healthy recipes for weight loss on a budget.

Marmite pasta 
Tuna pasta bake 
Pizza frittata 

Pizza omelette-pizza omelette-slimming world blog

Leftover chicken curry 
Leftover roast chicken fajitas 
Ratatouille pasta bake 
Bubble and squeak 
Slow-cooker chicken 
Slow-cooker chilli 
Slow-cooker rice pudding

Slimming World slow cooker rice pudding three ways

Save and slim with Slimming World   

We’re here to help you shop, cook and eat in a way that suits your lifestyle, and that includes working within your weekly budget. For more tips and recipes, head to your local Slimming World group or join Slimming World Online.   

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*A self-selecting sample of 2,000 Slimming World members were polled via Slimming World’s member website in March 2023.   

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