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There are just 10 weeks to go – but don’t panic, there’s still time to get the winter weight loss you want. At Slimming World, we get into the festive spirit extra early, to fully support our members through the seasonal saboteurs that can crop up as Christmas draws closer. Through the personalised support in our welcoming Slimming World groups, as well as a host of science- and psychology-based strategies, we’ll help you safeguard your success through shopping trips, social gatherings and any other tricky situations that this time of year may throw your way. Get the bauble rolling with these slimming strategies. 

Join a Slimming World group today and you could lose a stone by Christmas! 

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Let’s get visual 

It’s the ideal time to think about how you want to feel this Christmas. Maybe you’ve got specific weight loss or Body Magic goals that you want to hit? Or perhaps you’d like to unwrap some extra-special non-scale victories, such as slipping into a new dress or enjoying a delicious Christmas Day feast that won’t cause you any weight loss worries. In your Slimming World group, your Consultant will let you know more about one of our powerful, mindset-shifting tools – Visualisation – to help you make the changes needed to turn those dreams into reality. You might also find that physical reminders, such as a photo of a time that you felt truly fantastic, or an item of clothing that you can’t wait to wear, will help to spur you on through any slimming sticky spots. 

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Cook cosy 

The arrival of winter means saying hello to comfort cooking. The good news is, hearty can definitely still be healthy (and delicious!) on our Food Optimising plan. From slow-cooked stews and soups to warming curries, casseroles and cottage pies, you’ll find slimming-friendly versions of all your frosty-day faves – with options to suit all likes, dislikes and dietary requirements – while still getting a great result on the scales. 

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Breeze through busy days  

After Halloween, half-term and Bonfire night, many of us will be starting our Christmas shopping (and wrapping!) – plus adding school plays and trips to see Santa to the diary… while this time of year can be a lot of fun, it can also be much busier than usual. With Slimming World, it’s easy to Food Optimise, even on your most hectic days, and our members have a huge selection of quick meals to fall back on, when the takeaway or fast food menu beckons. 

Having a batch-cooking session to fill your freezer with delicious dishes can help, too. And on those days when you really don’t have the time or inclination to cook, our frozen Free Food range at Iceland is a brilliant back-up. 

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Make an activity action plan 

Doing something regularly is the best way to make it a habit, and putting some dates in your diary can help to cement your commitment to activity during the busiest time of year. That doesn’t have to mean heading out for a run or booking an exercise class – it could be a scenic walk in the woods or fun day out with the kids.  

If the weather outside is far too frightful, squeeze in some activity with a home workout – whether that’s a following an online video, dusting off your favourite exercise DVD or something less structured (like a kitchen dance-off or even a vigorous cleaning session). Any kind of activity starts to bring brilliant health and wellbeing benefits, and Slimming World’s Body Magic programme will encourage you to get active, step by step, in a way that fits in with your lifestyle, doing the things you like to do. 

More for members: You can plan and track your activity in the handy Planner on the member website and app, with motivating Body Magic awards to work towards. 

Party-proof your weight loss 

We love socialising, and with Slimming World you absolutely can say yes to every invitation and still feel in control of your weight loss journey. Whether it’s a meal out with family or friends, a work night out or the corks-a-popping party of the year, a Slimming World group is the place to find tried-and-tested strategies to tackle your triggers and stop any slimming saboteurs in their tracks. 

One way is to plan your menu before the big event. We can help you with ideas for smart food and drink swaps and slim-safe options in group. Our members also have access to an online Food Search tool, which includes lots of popular restaurant choices. 

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Discover your danger zones 

Danger zones are situations, places or events that can tempt us back into unhealthy eating habits. The last few months of the year can be especially challenging, as we find ourselves in situations that could make it difficult to stick to our slimming goals. Coffee shop stops, Christmas parties and trips to the pub, or simply being surrounded by selection boxes and chocolates in the supermarket… identifying your individual danger zones is an important first step. 

Once you know what yours are, your friends and experts in group can help you make fool-proof plans to protect yourself from those old eating patterns. If you need help to identify your danger zones, an SAS log is a powerful self-discovery tool (your Slimming World Consultant can tell you more). 

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We’d love to welcome you to a supportive Slimming World group during the run-up to Christmas, and beyond. You’ll find them packed with practical help, and full of fun, for a sparkly festive season and fantastic start to 2022. Find your nearest group here.
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